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The Myth of the STARmeter…

Hey there, aspiring actors!  Here’s a nifty-difty guaranteed way to increase your perception in the industry!  For a low price of $199.95 (etc.), we can guarantee to boost your IMDB STARmeter!  Everyone knows that top casting offices look at your STARmeter as their primary source of who’s good enough to audition!  Why, you don’t even

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It’s Days Like This…

…that remind me of why I got into show business in the first place.   In case you’ve not been paying attention to social media, today was a big event at #StarWarsCelebration.  The brand new trailer for Episode 7, #TheForceAwakens just dropped live at the convention down at Anaheim. For those of us who can’t

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Redesigning Pamela’s Website…

I’ve gotten better with WordPress.  My next task was to redesign my wife Pamela’s actress website as her old design dated back to the mid 2000s, and it was time to give her a more responsive design. Fortunately, since our webhosts at 1and1.com have WordPress already available, it was just a matter of turning it

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All About Accents…

Well, just a general posting about accents.  Nothing too specific.  Today’s video blog is an intro to how I do accents, with a few clips from several of my roles in past productions where I perform different characters with different accents. I’ve been asked how I do it.  Mainly through imitation, as opposed to listening

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Happy New Year!!!

Well, I did it — finally redesigned my website for the New Year with a new look and format. WordPress is awesome – a great way to easily build a website with content. In the past, it used to take me weeks to design the template, and add all the content. Now, with WordPress, it’s

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