Here are some of my current and recent projects.  Scroll down to read about the various films,  television shows, and live productions I’ve been in.



For the Holiday Season of 2021 I got to play a Sheriff in a concept parody for a “Grinch” sequel, directed by Steve LaMorte.  It was a fun, action filled shoot!





Film Festival Talk Back:







CYBER FIGHTER Book Signing at the Martial Arts History Museum – 2/29/2020

I held my very first book signing event as a new sci-fi/action author at the Martial Arts History Museum in Burbank, CA.  Along with signing books, discussing the story, and a Q&A, I also debuted a sneak preview of part of the animated sequence from the upcoming short film which is in Pre-Production.

Fresh Off the Boat – “Just the Two of Us”

My wife Pamela & I just recently appeared in an episode of Fresh Off the Boat where we played a couple on a “couple’s retreat”  at a hotel resort.











Westworld Parody Music Video

I play Ed Harris’ iconic character of the Man In Black from HBO’s hit series “Westworld” – though this is a music video parody of Season 1 to the tune of Taylor Swift’s song “Look What You Made Me Do”.  We filmed this at Paramount Ranch which was used for the actual series.






Dead, Not Dead, Dead

In this film I’m Jason, a pimped-out Irish Loan Shark looking to collect $1 million from a wealthy family after the husband loses it to me gambling in my illegal house casino.













I play Devon, a recovering addict fighting his demons after losing his best friend to the disease.










The Eagles

A World War 2 setting where I play a Nazi SS Officer.  The story takes place around the time of the Battle of the Bulge, in the winter of 1944 – 1945.

img_2509 img_2513 img_2516 img_2537 img_2542 img_2565















Room Of Doors

In this surreal film, I play an abusive stepfather to a brother and sister who find themselves in limbo.

img_3238 img_3245 img_3247












That Darn Girlfriend – Episode 3: An Apple A Day

Our third episode of the popular web series That Darn Girlfriend.  Once again, Vic and Valerie have a domestic adventure.  This time, Valerie wants to help Vic with the taxes.  So she orders an Apple.  Vic is excited as he thinks it’s the brand new Apple II E computer!

ep3-01  ep3-02   ep3-03

Kalina:  Angels Vs Wolfpack

I played a bad guy – Dimitri, leader of a group of assassins dubbed the Wolfpack.  I also choreographed the main sword fight action scene against the heroine Kalina.  This is a promo concept for a feature film.








That Darn Girlfriend Episode 2: Deja Who?

This is the next episode of our sitcom parody.  Just released at our YouTube channel.

Girlfriend - 1

Girlfriend - 2

Girlfriend - 3

That Darn Girlfriend

Pamela & I recently filmed this parody of 1960s/1970s TV network sitcoms. You can see it at our YouTube channel for Four Scorpio Productions.

ThatDarnGirlfriend-01 ThatDarnGirlfriend-02 ThatDarnGirlfriend-03 ThatDarnGirlfriend-05





Itsy Bitsy Spider

Our second short film at our YouTube channel is a “horror-comedy” mashup based on the famous children’s song.

SpiderThumbnail Spider 02




The Muffin Man

Pamela & I just finished our first short film that we produced together.  You can watcmuffin man smallh it on YouTube!




The Rolling Soldier

I recently wrapped work on the series The Rolling Soldier. I play Agent Richards, a villain who interrogates the main hero Connor Flynn (John Tague).  There is an epic fight scene that will show up in a future episode, so keep your eyes peeled!

Agent Steele

This was an action comedy movie that I did with Andrew Bachelor (aka King Bach).  I play Vinom, another bad guy trying to kill the hero Agent Steele.  Here’s a video clip:


The Last Girl

An epic, post apocalyptic Kung Fu movie that recalls the old Shaw Brothers movies. Directed and produced by Jela Oba Okpara.   I play Littles, a mutant with an aptitude for Monkey style Kung Fu.

Crisis Management

A psychological thriller.  I play The Caller, who manipulates a group of suicide prevention hotline workers over the phone while orchestrating various murders.

Buona Sera News

I’m Tony (no last names!) Mancini.  My brother Vito and I are trying to shoot our own reality news show from our family restaurant. It doesn’t go too well as we’re constantly interrupted by the rest of the family.

Diary Of A Henchman

I am the mysterious Hans, the leader of a sinister spy ring looking for a henchman to assist me in my various nefarious schemes.

Wicked Lit

I’ve performed in this live theatrical show since the inaugural production at Greystone Manor in 2009.  Wicked Lit is now performed at the Mountain View Mausoleum and Cemetery in Altadena.  My wife Pamela & I have appeared in the productions for 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012.  I came back for 2014’s show as Gustav in Dracula’s Guest.


A really fun Zombie Apocalypse film produced by filmmakers who work at DreamWorks Animation.   We shot a teaser for the feature production.  The producers are currently working on a Kickstarter campaign.  Stay tuned for further news as development continues!


Code B

I play Dr. Wiseman, the tyrannical overlord of a retirement home.


In this near-future sci-fi short, I am John, a computer programmer and robotics engineer.  I’m collecting old units of a robot model to scrap for parts to built a better one.

The Unsinkable Bismarck

The world premiere was at the Eclectic Theater Company in 2003.  This production was where I first worked with Paul Millet, Jeff Rack and Drew Dalzell (of Wicked Lit fame).


My wife Pamela & I got to work together playing a suburban couple (big stretch!) who’s house gets broken into by a group of young delinquents.

Star Runners: Wolf  Trap

I play starship Captain Wilkins in this sci-fi feature film based on the comic book series Star Runners.  Currently in post production as there will be a lot of CGI.

Pink Little Pony

As the reluctant hero mailman Mr. Peterson, I stumble onto a horrific discovery in a little girl’s backyard while she’s trying to raise money to buy the latest new hyper-marketed pink pony toy.


I’ve been in a few commercials over the years, including spots for American Eagle, and Doritos for the “Crash the Superbowl” contest.