Martial Arts Tutorial Videos

I’ve been a karate instructor for many years.  Over the past few, I’ve shot and posted several martial arts tutorials over at my YouTube channel.  Below are several of my top videos.

Applying The Spearhand Strike in Karate

This tutorial demonstrates the effectiveness of a nukite, or spearhand strike in karate by breaking a rebreakable board.

How to Perform a Front Kick – Part 1

This video explains how to effectively put power into a front kick.  Many MMA and Muay Thai practitioners use it more as a push kick or “teep”.  In karate, it is more of a penetrating kick, either snapped or thrust into the target.

How to Perform a Front Kick – Part 2

To avoid developing a push with your front kick, it’s a good idea to practice it against a double end speed bag, as the light weight and lack of solid support makes it a difficult target. You want to make sure to snap into the target as demonstrated below.

How to Perform a Spinning Back Kick

To learn advanced kicks, it’s a good idea to break them down into steps.  This video explains how to break down a basic spinning back kick.

How to Perform a Foot Sweep – Solo Drills

Balance attacks are a great tactic to use in sparring or competition.  But if you don’t have a partner to work with, you need to come up with some solo drills. Below is a demo of the method I’ve used over the years to drill this technique.

Solo Conditioning – How to toughen your body for impact

It does you no good to have fast and powerful punches and kicks if you crumble the first time you get hit with a solid shot.  Most beginners are terrified of getting hit.  But by gradually toughening your body, you can ease some of those fears.  The secret is to slowly build up to it.

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