Hopping on the Vine Wagon…

OK, so I’ll freely admit that I’m somewhat of a latecomer to this party,  but I’ve recently discovered the awesomeness of the video phenomenon known as Vine.

In fact, if not for having worked on a film project (Agent Steele) with the reigning king of Vine, Andrew Bachelor, aka KingBach, I probably wouldn’t have caught on to the potential of this platform.  Within two years of starting his own Vine account, he’s acquired over 11 million followers.  Probably one of the most effective ways to increase your audience.

So, I’ve started “Vine-ing” too.  I’ve been studying the top Viners out there and have learned that comedy is the most popular category.   Even top comedians like Will Sasso have embraced this platform.  My wife Pamela & I appeared on Celebrity Name Game with Will & Constance Zimmer — before I learned of his talent for producing lemons spontaneously…

Our Celebrity Name Game Episode

The secret is coming up with your own gimmick/character/original idea.  Instead of popping lemons out of my mouth, I came up with this, based on my life growing up in Hawaii.  We used to have giant cane spiders (Australians call them Huntsmans) get into our house, which would freak me out as a kid.  I thought I’d confront my childhood fears head-on and I created the giant #SegaSpider which follows me around everywhere:



  If you remember the old Sega Genesis commercials from the 90s — they would always end with the “Sega Scream”.  So I incorporated that into my “character”. The fun thing about Vines is that with a 6 second time limit, you really have to get creative and hit the punchline quick, to make it funny.  Plus, these don’t take as long to produce as a traditional short film, which compared to the Vine format, seems feature-length! Be sure to check me out on Vine — I’m going to be posting more and more to see where this takes me.  There’s a link to the right! ——————> Happy Vining!