All About Accents…

Well, just a general posting about accents.  Nothing too specific.  Today’s video blog is an intro to how I do accents, with a few clips from several of my roles in past productions where I perform different characters with different accents.

I’ve been asked how I do it.  Mainly through imitation, as opposed to listening to accent tapes/CDs.  I’ve tried that method, but found that actually works in the most rudimentary way.

I can actually perform almost any accent if I have a native speaker to use as reference.  I’ve developed skill in the various British accents by watching a lot of BBC and Monty Python.  Growing up in Hawaii, I learned to mimic the different Asian accents, and got fluent in Hawaii Pidgin English.

So this video below is an intro to what I’ll be covering in future episodes.  Enjoy!