“Auto” Vlogging Episode 1!

So I’ve been pondering this for quite some time now, but finally got around to doing it.

As a professional actor here in Hollywood, I find that my day tends to get away from me.  There’s never enough time to do everything that I need to accomplish in 24 hours — and that would be without getting any sleep!  But, as many actors know, we spend an ENORMOUS amount of time in our cars driving to and from auditions, meetings, shoots, etc.   With L.A. traffic, this can really eat up a huge chunk of the day.

I figured, what better way to keep a regular blog going, than to do a big chunk of it in my car while driving.  Thanks to my brand new Android Tablet (that I got for Christmas), I can safely mount it on my dashboard and use the webcam feature to record video.  Another way that TECHNOLOGY ROCKS!!!  Back in the old days, I would have probably attempted to secure a tripod mounted camera.  That doesn’t really work as well.   A GoPro camera would probably work fine, but why spend all that money on just a camera (unless I was taking video of surfing, extreme skiing, skydiving, etc.)?

Today, I recorded my first entry of “Auto Vlogging”.  You can check out the link below.  And while you’re at it, click on the bold text to check out my YouTube channel for Four Scorpio Productions.

Thanks for Watching!


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